December 6, 2023



Venom 3 Release Date Moved to November 2024

Venom 3 Release Date Moved to November 2024

The return of Tom Hardy’s deadly dark antihero Venom just got pushed back a few months. Sony announced they’ve delayed the still-untitled Venom 3 from its previous July 12, 2024 date, now setting the threequel to hit theaters on November 8, 2024, instead.

After the first two Hardy-led Venom films struck box office gold in October 2018 and 2021, the third entry was initially slated for summer 2024. But Sony has since pivoted the movie back to a fall release window where the series has thrived before.

With director Kelly Marcel taking the reins this time, having scripted the initial Venom outings, plot details remain under wraps regarding what new foes Hardy’s investigative journalist Eddie Brock and alien symbiote Venom might battle.

While the reason for the adjusted release isn’t confirmed, the move likely gives Venom 3 more breathing room from undisclosed competition. And returns the series to the autumn corridor, where it’s found past success.

After their cameo in Spider-Man: No Way Home’s credits stinger, Hardy’s Brock and fanged alter ego returning to sink their teeth into new trouble is a highly anticipated comeback. Fans will have to wait a few extra months for Venom’s vengeance when the threequel lands in theaters this November. Source

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