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Trailer Shows Tension Rise Between Emilia Jones and Nicholas Braun in ‘Cat Person’

Trailer Shows Tension Rise Between Emilia Jones and Nicholas Braun in ‘Cat Person’

Following its debut at Sundance earlier this year, the movie adapted from the viral short story in The New Yorker is set to be released in theaters on October 6th.

Emilia Jones (known for CODA) and Nicholas Braun (from Succession) don’t seem like a perfect match in the initial trailer for the movie titled Cat Person.

Scheduled for release on October 6th through Rialto Pictures, this film is directed by Susanna Fogel and had its premiere in January at the Sundance Film Festival. It’s an adaptation of Kristen Roupenian’s widely recognized short story from The New Yorker, also titled “Cat Person.” The movie offers a contemporary perspective on dating, primarily following Margot, a college student played by Emilia Jones, who engages in a casual relationship with an older man named Robert, portrayed by Nicholas Braun. However, Margot soon becomes suspicious of him.

Following Margot’s expression of remorse regarding her time with Robert, who had previously identified himself as a cat lover, her friend Taylor, played by Geraldine Viswanathan, inquires if at least his pet cats were charming. In a foreboding tone, Margot responds, “I never laid eyes on them,” as her doubts about his honesty begin to grow.

Further along in the trailer, Margot casually states, “One of us has to meet their demise.”

Completing the cast are Hope Davis, Fred Melamed, Isabella Rossellini, Christopher Shyer, and Liza Koshy.

Director Susanna Fogel, known for “The Spy Who Dumped Me,” is at the helm, working from a screenplay by Michelle Ashford, adapted from Kristen Roupenian’s thought-provoking 2017 story. Executive producers include Fogel, Ashford, Elizabeth Banks, Shana Eddy-Grouf, Gino Falsetto, Max Handelman, Daniel Hank, Rachel Henochsberg, and Anna Marsh.

In her review, critic Lovia Gyarkye described the film as a daring adaptation and predicted that it would undoubtedly attract a dedicated and captivated audience.

During its premiere at Sundance, Fogel mentioned that she expected the film to spark a lot of discussion. She said, “I don’t need everyone to like the movie. I don’t need everyone to like the choices that we made. But I do want people to talk about it.”

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