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Toronto: Netflix Secures First Directorial Venture by Anna Kendrick, Titled ‘Woman of the Hour’

Toronto: Netflix Secures First Directorial Venture by Anna Kendrick, Titled ‘Woman of the Hour’

Netflix has secured the rights to Anna Kendrick’s directorial debut, ‘Woman of the Hour,’ for approximately $11 million following its world premiere at the Toronto Film Festival. This thrilling true-life project was originally pitched at TIFF a year ago by Kendrick and AGC Studio’s CEO, Stuart Ford, who are both responsible for producing and fully financing the film.

Handling U.S. sales for the film, CAA Media Finance fielded numerous offers for the thriller, which is based on Ian MacDonald’s script featured on The Black List. In addition to the U.S., Netflix has also acquired the rights for France, Italy, Benelux, Japan, South Korea, Switzerland, Hong Kong, Indonesia, and several other international territories.

In her dual role as producer and director for ‘Woman of the Hour,’ Anna Kendrick also takes on the lead character, Cheryl Bradshaw, in this astonishingly true tale. Bradshaw, a contestant on the popular 1970s TV matchmaking show, ‘The Dating Game,’ finds herself on an unexpectedly harrowing date. Her suitor, Rodney Alcala, initially charming, is soon unmasked as a psychopathic serial killer amidst his murderous spree.

Filmed in Vancouver, the movie portrays Kendrick as Bradshaw, a struggling actor who made the fateful decision to participate in the TV program, ultimately crossing paths with Alcala. Notably, ‘Woman of the Hour’ arrived at the Toronto Film Festival without a distribution agreement for the U.S., hosting its initial public screening at the esteemed Princess of Wales Theatre, renowned for its showcase of acquisition-worthy titles.

Kendrick’s directorial debut, penned by Ian MacAllister McDonald, notably did not enter into a SAG-AFTRA interim agreement, opening the door for potential early acquisition by a major streaming platform during the Toronto film sales market. Netflix’s acquisition of ‘Woman of the Hour’ marks a significant milestone as the first major film purchase during this year’s TIFF.

Joining Kendrick in the cast are Tony Hale, Daniel Zovatto, and Nicolette Robinson, with production credits shared among a team including Roy Lee and Miri Yoon, among others. As of 8 p.m. on September 11, Netflix has officially sealed the deal for U.S. distribution and rights to this thrilling story.

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