September 25, 2023



“Optimize Your Schedule: Tips for Maximizing Productivity on Wednesdays”

“Optimize Your Schedule: Tips for Maximizing Productivity on Wednesdays”

The 21st annual Unforgettable Gala is breaking barriers by expanding its scope beyond Asian Americans to include talent from across Asia and the Pacific Islands. While the gala has previously recognized Asian stars with international fame like Minha Kim, Shohei Ohtani and Psy, this year marks a deliberate shift towards honouring API entertainers and creatives from around the globe. By partnering with Seoul-based AsiaLab, an entertainment platform promoting pan-Asian collaborations, the gala aims to foster deeper connections within the worldwide API community. This inclusive new direction for its 21st edition shows Unforgettable is ready to embrace and uplift API talent in all its diversity.

The future of the 21st annual Unforgettable Gala celebrating Asian and Pacific Islander talent remains uncertain amid potential Hollywood strikes. Originally set for December 16 at the Beverly Hilton, organizers may push the star-studded “Asian Prom” to early 2024 depending on the status of WGA and SAG-AFTRA negotiations. However, Character Media remains committed to uplifting API creatives. “Honoring API artists, especially writers and actors, is essential to Unforgettable,” said publisher James Ryu. “While APIs have made immense progress in entertainment over the last 20 years, our community still has room to grow on both sides of the camera.” The exclusive gala honours over 700 API leaders across business, arts and culture. Last year they recognized trailblazers like Everything Everywhere All at Once, Pachinko’s Minha Kim, Chloe Kim and Steven Yeun. As talks continue, Unforgettable stands with those fighting for API representation and equity in Hollywood.

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