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The Conference Trailer Reveals a Company Retreat Turned Terrifyingly Awry

The Conference Trailer Reveals a Company Retreat Turned Terrifyingly Awry

Horror comedies have found a new lease of life in recent years with hits like Happy Death Day and You’re Next. Now, Netflix aims to add another gem to this growing sub-genre with its upcoming Swedish flick, The Conference. Scheduled for a Friday the 13th release in October, the first trailer teases a perfect blend of spine-chilling scenes and laugh-out-loud moments.

The preview offers a tantalizing peek into the mayhem awaiting viewers, featuring scenes of ominous deaths and a not-so-smooth-running corporate conference. Although details about the plot are scarce, the setting—a dysfunctional workplace conference—provides ample material for both horror and humour. The snags are many: from Wi-Fi outages to petty squabbles among the employees. And yes, there’s a murderer in the mix, whose brief appearance in the trailer evokes memories of the “Babyface Killer” from Happy Death Day.

The Corporate World Has Its Own Brand of Terror

In a unique twist, The Conference delves into the inherent horrors of the corporate world, much like how You’re Next explored the darkness underlying an affluent family. The film seems poised to take a jab at big business while also delivering the scares and laughs fans have come to expect from the genre. And although Netflix hasn’t always nailed horror, the trailer’s creative editing hints at a potential standout in its lineup.

The Eerie Date Approaches: Friday the 13th is Just Around the Corner

Directed by Patrik Eklund and written by Thomas Moldestad, The Conference stars Eva Melander, Katia Winter, and Adam Lundren. As Friday the 13th inches closer, check out the freshly-released trailer to get a taste of this terrifyingly funny adventure.

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