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Miley Cyrus Acknowledges Detrimental Effects of Constant Observation and Ego-Driven Touring on Her Well-being

Miley Cyrus Acknowledges Detrimental Effects of Constant Observation and Ego-Driven Touring on Her Well-being

Miley Cyrus Breaks Silence on Nearly Decade-Long Touring Break: Unbalanced Demands, Unhealthy Dynamics

Opening up in her TikTok series “Used to Be Young,” Miley Cyrus explains her absence from touring for almost ten years. She points out the toll of non-stop travel, performance pressures, and insufficient recovery time as reasons for her hiatus. The artist also reflects on the strained relationship between musicians and audiences during tours, acknowledging its negative impact on her well-being. Cyrus’s candid revelation sheds light on the challenges of the music industry and the need for healthier artist experiences.

Discussing the intricacies of a musician’s life, Miley Cyrus highlights the challenge of maintaining a high performance standard while on tour. She stresses the importance of balanced recovery and rest to sustain consistent excellence. The pop icon candidly shares her struggle with managing her ego during performances, revealing how it can hinder her songwriting process.

Cyrus elaborates on the strain of touring places on her sense of self and human connection. The constant dynamic of being observed impacts her humanity, vital for her role as a songwriter. This perspective emerges in contrast to her earlier interview with British Vogue, where she questioned the purpose of her performances in relation to personal fulfilment.

Notably, Cyrus clarifies her stance through an Instagram post, emphasizing that her decision to step back from touring doesn’t stem from a lack of connection with fans. These insights shed light on the complex internal battles artists face within the demanding world of music tours.

“To clarify, my connection with my fans is stronger than ever,” Miley Cyrus emphasized. “Our victories are intertwined. Even if we don’t share the same physical space each night on tour, their presence is deeply ingrained in my heart. I’m continuously exploring innovative ways to maintain this bond without compromising my well-being.”

She further clarified, “This isn’t about lacking gratitude for my fans—it’s about my preference to avoid getting ready in a backstage locker room, a common aspect of life on tour. The road life’s reality.”


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