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Jigsaw Sets Traps for New Victims in Latest Saw X Sequel

Jigsaw Sets Traps for New Victims in Latest Saw X Sequel

The latest trailer for the upcoming Saw instalment reveals Jigsaw’s next deadly game. Released this past weekend, the preview shows the iconic horror villain travelling to Mexico seeking experimental cancer treatment. But the supposed miracle cure turns out to be a sham, angering the terminally ill John Kramer. Now back for vengeance, Jigsaw sets his sights on those who duped him, with the trailer hinting at his elaborate traps being prepared.

Actor Tobin Bell warns more of Jigsaw’s work still needs to be done, promising grisly consequences for whoever crosses paths with the enraged killer. This next Saw looks to deliver the franchise’s signature macabre ingenuity and shock value as Jigsaw enacts another round of his twisted morality games. Horror fans can anticipate the grizzly tension when the new film hits theatres this October.

The newly released trailer reveals Jigsaw is back with his most twisted traps yet in the next Saw instalment. After being deceived by scam artists claiming to cure his cancer, the iconic killer turns the tables, saying “It’s time to play a game.” Jigsaw has devised real horrors for those who betrayed him, promising they won’t get away unscathed.

Set between the events of the first two Saw films, this sequel sees Tobin Bell reprising his role as the diabolical Jigsaw after originating the character in 2004. Director Kevin Greutert, known for helming Saw VI and Saw 3D, returns to ramp up the tension. The trailer teases the franchise’s signature elaborate, gruesome traps lying in wait for victims.

With the iconic villain out for vengeance, fans can expect a thrillingly macabre new addition to the Saw legacy when the aptly titled ‘Saw X hits theatres this September 29th. The latest chapter promises to continue the series’ legacy of keeping audiences on the edge of their seats.

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