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Emily Blunt Enthusiastic About Making ‘Edge of Tomorrow’ Sequel With Tom Cruise

Emily Blunt Enthusiastic About Making ‘Edge of Tomorrow’ Sequel With Tom Cruise

In a recent interview, Emily Blunt stated that she does not view herself as a movie star, and also expressed her eagerness to make a sequel to Edge of Tomorrow with Tom Cruise.

During a recent interview on the Happy Sad Confused podcast, Emily Blunt expressed her enthusiasm for starring in another Edge of Tomorrow sequel with Tom Cruise. She revealed that director Doug Liman had shown her a script for a potential sequel, and though she would love to make it happen, she is unsure of the timing due to Tom Cruise’s busy schedule with the Mission Impossible franchise. Despite the uncertainties, Blunt reiterated her desire to work with Cruise again on a follow-up to their hit sci-fi film.

Blunt lightheartedly suggested that Cruise should return to the role of the “cowardly hero” that she feels he portrayed so brilliantly in Edge of Tomorrow. In the 2014 sci-fi film directed by Doug Liman, Blunt co-starred opposite Cruise as a soldier forced to relive the same day repeatedly while battling aliens. Blunt praised Cruise’s performance as the frightened yet determined protagonist who grows into a hero over the course of the time loop. She implied it would be fun for Cruise to revisit that character in a potential sequel.

Blunt emphasized her enthusiasm and readiness to reprise her role in an Edge of Tomorrow sequel, affirming that she is not preventing the project from moving forward. Earlier in the interview, Blunt also discussed why she does not see herself as a “movie star,” despite her extensive and successful film career. When asked about the difference between being called an actor versus a movie star, Blunt said she believes most performers would prefer the label of actor. When asked if she could be considered both an actor and movie star, Blunt bluntly rejected the “movie star” label, stating “No, gross. I don’t.” She appears to view herself as a serious actor rather than a celebrity.

Blunt went on to explain that she feels the term “movie star” is too detached from the craft of acting, which is what drew her to the profession initially. She used Julia Roberts as an example of someone defined as a movie star, but whose immense talents as an actor are what truly captivate audiences in films like Pretty Woman. Blunt suggested that being a movie star relies on qualities like charisma and magnetism that pull people in, but those traits stem from being a skilled actor first and foremost. While Blunt acknowledges that some performers possess a certain radiance that could be described as “movie star wattage,” she sees the concepts of being a movie star versus being an actor as fluid, often blending together in one person. Ultimately, she identifies more as a dedicated actor rather than a celebrity.

When asked about her Oppenheimer co-star Cillian Murphy, Blunt jokingly stated that Murphy would likely be appalled at the notion of being labeled a “movie star”, implying that he too sees himself principally as a serious actor rather than a celebrity.

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