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Dylan Sprouse and Virginia Gardner Unwind in the Debut Trailer for ‘Beautiful Wedding’.

Dylan Sprouse and Virginia Gardner Unwind in the Debut Trailer for ‘Beautiful Wedding’.

While the Young Adult (YA) genre often feels saturated with forgettable films, one recent pleasant surprise was “Beautiful Disaster,” starring Dylan Sprouse (known for “After We Collided”) and Virginia Gardner (famous for “Halloween” and “Fall”). For fans eagerly anticipating Abby and Travis’ next chapter, the sequel, “Beautiful Wedding,” is set to hit theatres in 2024. As the new year approaches, Voltage Pictures has unveiled the initial teaser trailer for this romantic comedy follow-up, promising even more chaos.

Following their spontaneous Vegas wedding at the end of “Beautiful Disaster,” Abby and Travis find themselves in Mexico for their honeymoon. However, given their tumultuous history, this honeymoon is bound to be anything but smooth sailing. If you enjoyed the first film, the trailer will feel like a familiar and welcoming return, featuring soft, rated-R moments, whimsical character entrances, and a group photo opportunity sure to stir up viewers’ own comically memorable vacation mishaps. The trailer also introduces new cast members like Kyle Richards (known for “Halloween” and “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills”).

What Contributed to the Success of ‘Beautiful Disaster’?

In a genre often overshadowed by films like “Kissing Booth” or “After,” “Beautiful Disaster” stood out because of its endearing central relationship. Abby and Travis represent one of the few healthy couples in modern YA romance. In an era where the genre sometimes glorifies emotionally toxic relationships, Abby and Travis serve as a reminder that you can have a relatively normal relationship in these movies while still indulging in the delightful absurdity and heightened reality characteristic of romantic stories. Dylan Sprouse and Virginia Gardner’s charming chemistry also added to the film’s appeal. “Beautiful Disaster” may not have been a cinematic masterpiece or a genre-defining moment, but it fully embraced its identity and delivered unapologetically entertaining, feel-good cinema.

When Can You Expect a ‘Beautiful Wedding’?

While an exact release date for “Beautiful Wedding” remains undisclosed, it’s slated for a theatrical release in 2024. In the meantime, you can enjoy the trailer below and revisit Abby and Travis’ romance by streaming “Beautiful Disaster” on Hulu.

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