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Director of ‘Twister’ Blindsided by Announcement of Sequel Film

Director of ‘Twister’ Blindsided by Announcement of Sequel Film

Jan de Bont, the filmmaker behind the 1996 movie featuring Helen Hunt and Bill Paxton, stated that the film is not open to being remade.

Director Jan de Bont, known for the 1996 film “Twister,” has shared his perspective on the upcoming sequel being developed by Universal Pictures and Amblin Entertainment. In an interview featured on Inverse’s website on Tuesday, the filmmaker mentioned that he was not consulted about the new movie. He believes that the sequel will diverge significantly from his original version, particularly due to the transformative advancements in visual effects technology over the years.

De Bont reminisced, “Back when objects descended from the sky, authentic items were actually dropped from a helicopter.” He added, “In instances where we filmed a car evading a tornado amidst a hailstorm, genuine ice was launched at us. It’s a film that holds the unique quality of being irreplaceable… Such circumstances could never be replicated.”

He further noted that each captured shot was exceedingly valuable due to the time-consuming process of transferring information onto film, which took about three days. Although the current process has become much quicker, in the initial stages, it was notably slow. There was a rush to complete the shots before the movie’s release.

The original film “Twister,” starring Helen Hunt and Bill Paxton, centered around a pair of storm-chasers who reunited to pursue a massive storm. The upcoming sequel, directed by Lee Isaac Chung, is being characterized as a “new chapter” in the narrative, introducing fresh characters and unfolding after the events of the initial movie. The cast of the sequel includes Daisy Edgar-Jones, Glen Powell, and Anthony Ramos.

Despite harboring great respect for Chung and even enjoying his 2020 drama “Minari,” de Bont revealed that he remains uncertain about watching the sequel. He quipped, “I’d prefer someone else to watch it first.”

The director also expressed skepticism regarding a recent trend he’s observed, wherein indie filmmakers swiftly transition to undertaking studio projects.

“It’s important to remember that the primary reason they’re selecting younger, less experienced individuals is to exercise greater control over them,” de Bont remarked. “They provide these filmmakers with skilled ADs, writers, producers, and cinematographers to offer comprehensive support. However, ultimately, the studio dictates the movie’s content. I’m well aware of this firsthand.”

Chung’s iteration of “Twister” is scheduled to premiere in theaters on July 19, 2024.

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