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Bottoms Edges Closer to Box Office Success, Approaching its Production Budget

Bottoms Edges Closer to Box Office Success, Approaching its Production Budget

Emma Seligman’s new teen comedy Bottoms is inching closer to its production budget of $11.3 million, generating quite the buzz among youthful audiences. After its fourth weekend in theatres, the movie’s domestic box office tally stands at a promising $9.87 million, despite a 41% dip from the previous weekend’s earnings.

Rachel Sennott, indie cinema’s rising star known for her role in “Shiva Baby,” leads the cast alongside Ayo Edebiri, who you’ll recognize as the voice of April O’Neil in “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutant Mayhem.” The two portray lesbian high school best friends embarking on a harebrained mission to start a fight club in an attempt to woo their respective crushes. The plan spirals into mayhem, creating uproar and disorder within their high school environment.


Box Office Temperatures Dip Following the Barbenheimer Surge

After a scorching summer box office season dominated by “Barbenheimer,” things have certainly cooled down. This weekend saw “The Nun II” narrowly out-earn the newcomer “A Haunting in Venice,” with respective takes of $14.7 million and $14.5 million. Industry insiders speculate this slowdown might foreshadow a tepid end-of-year box office performance, exacerbated by ongoing strikes from SAG-AFTRA and WGA.

Written by Seligman and Sennott, and produced by a team including Elizabeth Banks, Max Handelman, and Alison Small, Bottoms is continuing its theatrical run, with no announcement yet on when it will hit streaming platforms.

For those craving, more of the movie’s quirky humour, a number of similar films are out there to sate your appetite.

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