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‘Aquaman 2’ Director James Wan finds teaser trailers for trailers to be silly

‘Aquaman 2’ Director James Wan finds teaser trailers for trailers to be silly

Even the director of ‘Lost Kingdom’ finds the concept of teaser trailers before actual trailers a bit ridiculous. However, there’s another mini-trailer trend that’s even more irritating.

Warner Bros. unveiled a teaser for the forthcoming Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom trailer on Sunday. This 30-second preview of underwater action featuring Jason Momoa hinted at the full trailer’s release in four days, scheduled for Thursday. However, some viewers likened it to a rapid, overwhelming feast of vivid visuals, resembling a seafood buffet for the eyes.

While this marketing tactic is not entirely new, it has a history spanning over a decade, with Ridley Scott’s Prometheus potentially being an early adopter. The strategic reasoning behind it is evident: the ultra-tease for Aquaman aired during an NFL game, building anticipation for the trailer while also serving as a conventional 30-second TV spot during a high-profile broadcast, enhancing awareness for the latest DC superhero endeavor from the studio, which has encountered various developments on its path to the screen.

Furthermore, the trailer also quashed any speculations that the film was facing uncertainties, as there had been no prior glimpses of this significant release set to hit theaters in a mere three months.

Nonetheless, a fan on Instagram directly asked Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom director James Wan, “Is this essentially a trailer for a trailer?” in a somewhat pointed manner.

Wan responded with good humor, saying, “I know, it’s hilarious,” which cleverly sparked a wave of headlines discussing his reply. This maneuver kept the anticipation for Aquaman alive in the news cycle, all while fans eagerly awaited the actual trailer and speculated on how much screen time Amber Heard would receive.

However, there’s an even more irksome teaser trend that studios have recently adopted: initiating a full-fledged official trailer by initially presenting a brief glimpse of the trailer viewers are about to watch, frequently followed by a reassuring voiceover declaring, “Trailer begins now!” Like this:

The concept aims to generate excitement for something you’ve already chosen to view, and it can appear somewhat uncertain as if the trailer editor is anxious that you might lose interest right at the start of the trailer unless you’re first treated to a frenetic CG-action appetizer. As Poe eloquently phrased it, “Everything we perceive or encounter is merely a trailer nested within another trailer.”

Imagine if I began this article with the words: “Aquaman! Mini trailers! James Wan! Sarcasm!” in a frantic attempt to maintain your interest. However, because I didn’t, you might have already ceased scanning this entire article several paragraphs ago.

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