How To Watch Seven (1995) On Netflix In Australia|Is Seven (1995) Still Available On Netflix in 2023?


Se7en (also known as Seven) is a psychological thriller movie directed by David Fincher and released in 1995.

The film follows two detectives, William Somerset (played by Morgan Freeman) and David Mills (played by Brad Pitt), as they investigate a series of gruesome murders based on the seven deadly sins.

The movie is set in an unnamed city, and the tone is dark and bleak throughout. Somerset, a jaded and experienced detective, is nearing retirement and has grown disillusioned with the world. Mills, his younger and impulsive partner, is eager to prove himself and make a difference.

As the investigation progresses, the detectives discover that the murders are part of a twisted game being played by the killer, who is using the seven deadly sins as his inspiration.

The murders become increasingly gruesome and disturbing, and Somerset and Mills struggle to keep up with the killer’s twisted logic.

Is Seven Still On Netflix Australia?

Unfortunately, Seven is not currently available on Netflix in Australia to be watched, but it’s still possible to watch Seven on Netflix in Australia.

Is Seven on Netflix?

While there are Movie fans everywhere, sadly, many cannot access Seven on Netflix. Seven is available on Netflix but only in specific countries like Canada, Germany, Japan, Russia, Switzerland, South Africa, and Turkey.

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How To Watch Seven on Netflix|Easy Guide

You might not find Seven in your Netflix library as it is restricted to some regions.

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Watch Seven on Netflix| 4 Easy Steps

Seven is available on Netflix but in a few regions like Canada, Germany, Japan, Russia, Switzerland, South Africa, and Turkey.

You might not be able to find Seven in your region’s Netflix library, as Seven cannot be broadcast on Netflix in your country.

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How To Watch Seven On Netflix In Australia?

Seven is Available in different countries on Netflix but not in Australia.

To Watch Seven On your screen from Australia, Follow these steps watch Seven on Netflix from Australia:

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  6. Enjoy the movie!
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Seven – Officilal Trailer

Seven – Plot and Synopsis

The movie “Seven” is a psychological thriller released in 1995, directed by David Fincher and starring Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman. The movie follows the investigation of two detectives, David Mills (played by Brad Pitt) and William Somerset (played by Morgan Freeman), as they try to catch a serial killer who uses the seven deadly sins as his modus operandi

.The story is set in a nameless city where the rain never stops. The movie opens with the retirement of detective William Somerset, who is assigned a new partner, the young and impulsive detective David Mills.

As soon as they start working together, they are called to investigate a murder where the victim’s body has been found in a remote area outside the city. The victim’s hands are tied behind his back, and he has been forced to eat until his stomach ruptures, a clear reference to the sin of gluttony.

Throughout the movie, the themes of sin, justice, and morality are explored in a thoughtprovoking and disturbing manner.

The killer’s twisted worldview is contrasted with Somerset’s more nuanced and philosophical approach to justice. The movie also features an unforgettable ending that has become iconic in the years since its release.

As the investigation progresses, they uncover similar murders that correspond to the other six deadly sins: greed, sloth, pride, lust, envy, and wrath. Each crime scene is meticulously planned and executed to resemble the corresponding sin, and the killer leaves behind cryptic clues that taunt the detectives.

The detectives eventually identify the killer as John Doe (played by Kevin Spacey), a deeply disturbed and twisted individual who has been planning these murders for a long time. He turns himself in to the police but will only speak with Detective Mills, which leads to a tense confrontation.

The movie climaxes with the discovery of Doe’s final two victims, Mills’ wife Tracy (played by Gwyneth Paltrow) and an unborn child.

Doe has strapped a device to Mills, giving him a gun and forcing him to choose between killing Doe and avenging his wife or arresting him and letting him live. Mills, consumed by rage and grief, chooses to kill Doe, who reveals that his plan was to make Mills “become” wrath, the seventh sin.

Seven – Cast and Characters

  • Brad Pitt as David Mills
  • Morgan Freeman as William Somerset
  • Gwyneth Paltrow as Tracy Mills
  • R. Lee Ermey as Police Captain
  • John C. McGinley as California
  • Kevin Spacey as John Doe
  • Richard Roundtree as Martin Talbot

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Wrap Up

Se7en is widely regarded as one of the best movies of the 1990s, and it has had a significant influence on the thriller genre. Its combination of gripping storytelling, strong performances, and bleak atmosphere has made it a classic of the genre, and it remains a mustsee for fans of psychological thrillers.

The movie ends with Mills being taken into custody, and Somerset, who has retired but returns to help Mills, delivers the final line: “Ernest Hemingway once wrote, ‘The world is a fine place and worth fighting for.’ I agree with the second part.”

“Seven” is a masterful thriller that explores the nature of evil and the human psyche. The movie’s dark and gritty atmosphere, combined with strong performances from the cast, creates a haunting and unforgettable cinematic experience.

It’s Still available on Netflix, Enjoy the Movie!