How To Watch Batman – The Dark Knight On Netflix In Australia ?


Batman is a fictional character with millions of people believing in his existence.

From the day the comics took shape into movies, adventure lovers have always believed in loving the hero just the same. After Batman Begins, people have grown to crave Batman even more. 

Batman – The Dark Knight was released in 2008 with the intent to give a new face to the hero.

Christian Bale played the character of Batman in the movie, and his performance was highly appreciated.

After the movie’s release, for the first time in the history of superhero movies, a hero and villain were given the same amount of affection and respect! 

You might be wondering who the villain was in the movie. Well, read on to know more about the movie and its characters.

Is Batman – The Dark Knight Still On Netflix?

Unfortunately, Batman – The Dark Knight is not currently available on Netflix in Australia to be watched, but it’s still possible to watch Batman – The Dark Knight on Netflix in Australia.

How To WatchBatman – The Dark Knight On Netflix In Australia?

Batman – The Dark Knight is Available in different countries on Netflix but not in Australia.

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Batman – The Dark Knight Official Trailer


The movie’s story is based on the people of Gotham City being protected by Batman whenever the city is under threat.

Everything glides off smoothly until there is an entry of a psychological yet brilliant villain. The movie is a perfect blend of a heroic mind and villainous cunningness. 

Joker is not a JOKE

The villain of the movie is a psychotic man who called himself a JOKER. Heath Ledger played the Joker in the movie and his performance was worth an Oscar for sure.

As the Joker havoc on the people of Gotham, Batman is forced to accept one of the most difficult psychological and physical tests of his life.

Joker is portrayed as more than a villain —and yes he is evil VERY VERY EVIL! He loved to challenge the SUPERHERO of Gotham city.

Every time when they met, the Joker would try to bring wrath to Batman and the higher commissions of Gotham city, urging them to take unusual decisions.

Batman Portrayed As Fraud 

A central plot point is the Joker exposing Batman’s secret identity to the forces for good, humiliating them and showing them to be frauds.

He intends to use the fact that Bruce Wayne once loved Assistant D.A. Rachel Dawes, as well as the fact that Harvey Dent now loves her, as a tool to use against Gordon and Dent. 

Joker doesn’t know Batman’s identity, so the tricks he plays are crueler than he realizes.

It’s not the usual jabs and jokes we’re used to seeing from Heath Ledger in this movie: Most of his dialogue is psychologically complex, explaining his dilemmas and his reasoning behind them. 


Batman – The Dark Knight is more than just a random movie. However, the plot and the story were beyond originality.

The spectacular acting of Heath and Bruce made the film bring back 2 honors of Oscar Awards. Being one of a kind in screenplay and acting, the movie had 160 wins and 163 nominations in total.

It’s Also Available on Netflix, Enjoy the Movie