How to Watch 8 Mile on Netflix in Australia|Is 8 Mile still on Netflix in Australia ?


In 2002, Scott Silver and Curtis Hanson produced the American drama film 8 Mile. Eminem makes his acting debut in it.

The route that connects Detroit with the northern suburbs where Eminem used to reside, 8 Mile Road, served as the inspiration for the movie’s title.

The movie was well-received by critics. It earned $242.9 million around the globe.

You may watch 8 Mile on Netflix. All the information you need is available in this blog.

Is 8 Mile Still On Netflix In Australia?

Unfortunately, 8 Mile is not currently available on Netflix in Australia to be watched, but it’s still possible to watch 8 Mile on Netflix in Australia.

Not Streaming On Netflix

How To Watch 8 Mile On Netflix In Australia?

8 Mile is Available in different countries on Netflix but not in Australia.

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8 Mile Official Trailer

8 Mile Plot

Jimmy Smith Jr, a 23-year-old man from a struggling Missouri family, living in a trailer park outside of Detroit in Warren, Michigan, is the main character of this film.

Jimmy is concerned about his ability as a rapper despite his friends’ encouragement.

Jimmy strives to earn more money.

After working at Little Caesar’s Pizza, Jimmy now works in an East Warren Stamping factory.

In a desperate attempt to get more money, he asks for more shifts, but his boss flatly denies him due to his repeated unavailability.

Jimmy meets Wink and Alex.

After Jimmy makes a friend named Alex, he starts to take more charge of his life’s course.

When Jimmy learns that Wink works as a promoter for the “Leaders of the Free World,” a rap group that Jimmy considers to be his rivals, their friendship becomes tense.

Jimmy learns about the Wink and Alex affair.

Jimmy’s co-workers insult a gay man named Paul in a freestyle rap that he performs at the office over lunch. Jimmy defends Paul in a freestyle rap.

Jimmy is scheduled to meet with producers at a recording studio by Wink. However, Jimmy discovers that Wink and Alex are in a relationship.

Alex urges Jimmy to participate in the rap battle.

Jimmy’s best buddy and the battle host, Future, encourages him to take on the Leaders of the Free World in the next rap fight.

Alex bids Jimmy farewell, hoping to meet him at the Shelter later. Jimmy feels inspired to fight because of this.

Jimmy prevailed in the rap competition.

Jimmy competed against crew members from the Free World and prevailed in the first two rounds. Jimmy anticipates all potential insults from Papa Doc before he encounters him.

Papa Doc hands the mic back to Future, admitting defeat since he is embarrassed and has nothing to say in defense.

Alex and his pals applaud Jimmy, and Future then offers Jimmy a job co-hosting fights at the Shelter. Jimmy refuses and departs to go back to work.

Cast And Characters

  • Eminem as Jimmy “B-Rabbit” Smith Jr.
  • Kim Basinger as Stephanie Smith, Jimmy and Lily’s mother
  • Mekhi Phifer as “Future”, Jimmy’s closest friend and the rap battle host
  • Brittany Murphy as Alex Latourno, Jimmy’s love interest
  • Evan Jones as Bob “Cheddar Bob”, Jimmy’s friend
  • Omar Benson Miller as Sol George, Jimmy’s friend, and Iz’s brother
  • De’Angelo Wilson as “DJ Iz”, Jimmy’s friend and Sol’s brother
  • Eugene Byrd as Wink Harris, a DJ
  • Taryn Manning as Janeane, Jimmy’s ex-girlfriend
  • Larry Hudson as Bouncer
  • Proof as “Lil’ Tic”
  • Mike Bell as Mike “Shorty Mike”
  • DJ Head as Battle DJ
  • Michael Shannon as Greg Buehl, Stephanie’s freeloading abusive boyfriend
  • Chloe Greenfield as Lily Smith, Jimmy’s sister
  • Mary Hannigan as Mrs. Helgeland
  • Anthony Mackie as Clarence “Papa Doc”, leader of the Free World
  • Gerald L. “Strike” Sanders as Lyckety-Splyt, the first rapper Jimmy battles against[4]
  • Nashawn “Ox” Breedlove as “Lotto”, the second rapper Jimmy battles against
  • Na’Keya Snoddy as Papa Doc’s Girl, a member of the Free World
  • Malik Barnhardt as “Moochie”, a member of the Free World
  • Day Golfin as “Day”, member of the Free World
  • Allen Adams as Omar, a member of the Free World
  • Hom as First Parking Lot Rapper
  • Obie Trice as Second Parking Lot Rapper
  • Njeri Earth as Third Parking Lot Rapper
  • Jennifer Kitchen as Willing Girl
  • Kyla Womack as Alex’s Friend
  • Melissa Zaglanikzny as Christine
  • Rockey Black as Rocky
  • Craig Chandler as Paul, Jimmy’s colleague
  • Paul Bates as Manny, Jimmy’s foreman at the plant
  • Miz Korona as Vanessa, Female Lunch Truck rapper
  • Xzibit as Mike, a Male Lunch Truck rapper
  • Abdul Salaam El Razzac as Joe Lee Patton
  • Steve Monroe as Plant Worker
  • John Smith, Jr. as Lobby Security Guard
  • Venicia Foreman as WJLB Receptionist
  • Waverly Alford III as “Big O”, a male rapper interviewed at the WJLB Radio Station
  • Bushman as WJLB DJ
  • Adam Brook as Roy Darucher
  • Brandon T. Jackson (uncredited) as a Chin Tiki club foe [5]

Wrap Up

If you want to watch a musical and hip-hop movie, 8 Mile is a fantastic option, which is on Netflix in Australia.