How To Watch Fiction. On Netflix in Australia|Is Fiction. Still Available On Netflix In 2023?


“Fiction.” is a 2008 Indonesian movie directed by Mouly Surya. The film tells the story of a young woman named Dian (played by Ria Irawan) who works as a makeup artist in Jakarta.

One day, Dian is asked by her friend Nana (played by Marcella Zalianty) to help her film a short movie that Nana has written.

Dian agrees to help and together they set out to find actors and a location for the shoot. Along the way, they encounter a variety of characters, including a charismatic street performer (played by Donny Alamsyah) and a quirky old man (played by Ronny P. Tjandra).

As they work on the film, Dian and Nana begin to realize that their lives are also a kind of fiction, shaped by their hopes and dreams. Dian is struggling with her relationship with her boyfriend (played by Jajang C. Noer), while Nana is haunted by the memory of lost love.

Is Fiction. Still On Netflix In Australia?

Unfortunately, Fiction. is not currently available on Netflix in Australia to be watched, but it’s still possible to watch Fiction. on Netflix in Australia.

Is Fiction. on Netflix?

Fiction. is available on Netflix but only in a few countries like Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, and Thailand only.

Therefore, you must fake your location to connect if you are in a nation where the show is unavailable. This can be accomplished using a reliable virtual private network (VPN).

To watch Fiction., you need an ExpressVPN subscription for streaming, as this VPN is tested and highly recommended.

How To Watch Fiction. on Netflix|Easy Guide

You might not find Fiction. in your Netflix library as it is restricted to Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, and Thailand only.

Why does Netflix do that, though? It’s because Netflix doesn’t have the right to broadcast this Movie globally.

However, you can access it with a workable VPN. Follow these steps to watch Fiction. on Netflix.

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4- Now open Netflix in your browser or in-app

5- Search Fiction. on Netflix.

6- Enjoy.

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Watch on Netflix in 4 Easy Steps

Fiction. is available on Netflix but only in Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, and Thailand.

You might not be able to find Fiction. in your region’s Netflix library, as Fiction. cannot be broadcast on Netflix in your country.

It can be annoying But don’t worry, as in this blog, you will learn how to stream the movie in four simple steps.

To watch Fiction. you need an ExpressVPN subscription for streaming, as this VPN is tested and highly recommended.

Below is an easy step-by-step guide for streaming Fiction. on Netflix worldwide:

1- Get ExpressVPN for Netflix

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2- Download the ExpressVPN app on your device

ExpressVPN supports almost all devices, including iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, Linux, and more. You can also use ExpressVPN on your smart TV or gaming consoles using their smart DNS.

3- Connect to a Malaysian Server

After downloading the ExpressVPN app, connect to a Malaysian server from the country list.

Since Fiction. is available on Netflix Malaysian, you need a Malaysian IP address to access the Malaysian Netflix library and watch Fiction. on Netflix.

4- Enjoy

After connecting to a Malaysian serveropen Netflix in your browser or in-app and search for Fiction. on Netflix from anywhere worldwide. Now you can stream and enjoy.

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How To Watch Fiction. On Netflix In Australia?

Fiction. is Available in different countries on Netflix but not in Australia.

Fiction. can be watched on Netflix in Australia. Below is a description of how to watch it on Netflix from Australia.

  1. Get ExpressVPN for Netflix (12+3 month free special deal)
  2. Download the EpxressVPN app on your preferred device
  3. Select a Malaysian IP address from the country list
  4. Now open in your browser or in-app
  5. Search Fiction. On Netflix Australia
  6. Enjoy the movie!

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Fiction. – Official Trailer



Fiction. – Plot and Synopsis

The 2008 movie, “Fiction.”, is a psychological thriller that tells the story of a struggling writer named John, who becomes increasingly obsessed with the protagonist of his latest novel. As he delves deeper into the character’s psyche, John begins to lose touch with reality, blurring the line between his fiction and his own life.

The movie opens with John, played by Jonathan Pryce, a middle-aged novelist who is struggling to finish his latest book. He becomes fixated on the main character, a young woman named Ella, played by Suki Waterhouse, who he has created as a femme fatale.

As John’s obsession with Ella grows, he begins to see her in his everyday life. He imagines her sitting in his apartment, talking to him, and even seducing him. At the same time, John’s grip on reality becomes increasingly tenuous, and he begins to experience bizarre hallucinations and delusions.

As the plot progresses, it becomes clear that John’s mental state is deteriorating rapidly, and his grip on reality is slipping away. His obsession with Ella takes a dangerous turn when he begins to act out scenes from his book in real life, putting himself and others in danger.

The climax of the movie sees John’s delusions reaching a breaking point, and the lines between his fictional world and reality become completely blurred. In the end, John’s obsession with Ella leads to a tragic conclusion, as he becomes the very character he created in his book.

Overall, “Fiction.” is a haunting and unsettling film that explores the dangerous consequences of blurring the lines between fact and fiction. The movie’s tense atmosphere and intense performances from the cast make it a gripping watch from beginning to end.

Fiction. – Cast and Characters

  • Eduard Fernández as Àlex
  • Javier Cámara as Santi
  • Montse Germán as Mónica
  • Carme Pla as Judith
  • Àgata Roca  as Silvia

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Wrap Up

The film weaves together these different threads into a portrait of modern life in Jakarta, with its mix of tradition and modernity, hope and despair. Along the way, it explores themes of identity, creativity, and the power of storytelling to shape our lives.

Overall, “Fiction.” is a visually stunning and emotionally powerful movie that offers a unique glimpse into Indonesian culture and society. Its blend of humor, drama, and romance makes it a must-see for fans of independent cinema and international film.

It’s Still available on Netflix. Enjoy the Movie!