Watch Station 19 from Australia on Hulu

Station 19 is an electrifying American television drama series that takes viewers on a thrilling journey into the lives of brave firefighters working at a Seattle fire station. With a seamless blend of intense action, heartfelt moments, and complex character dynamics, the show

Watch Dave from Australia on Hulu

The wacky show called Dave is about a guy who wants to become a famous rapper and fall in love in Los Angeles. It’s based on the real-life experiences of a rapper and a comedian named Dave Burd. The show surprises people because

Watch The 1619 Project from Australia on Hulu

The 1619 Project, led by Nikole Hannah-Jones at The New York Times Magazine, is a powerful effort to rethink American history. It focuses on how slavery shaped the U.S., challenging the idea of American exceptionalism. Black writers and artists use stories, pictures, and

Watch Reservation Dogs from Australia on Hulu

Reservation Dogs is a groundbreaking television series combining comedy and drama elements to provide a glimpse into the contemporary lives of Indigenous youths. This innovative production first aired in 2021 and was co-created by Sterlin Harjo and Taika Waititi. Uniquely set in a

Watch Mayans M.C. In Australia On Hulu

Mayans M.C. is a compelling American crime drama television series, spun off from the critically acclaimed Sons of Anarchy. Created by Kurt Sutter and Elgin James, the series first aired on FX on September 4, 2018. The series spotlights the lives of the

Watch History of the World: Part II In Australia on Hulu

History of the World: Part II is a fascinating television series that invites viewers on a thrilling journey through time. This sequel to Mel Brooks’s iconic film, History of the World: Part I, continues the comedic interpretation of global history, using humor and

Watch Shark Tank In Australia on Hulu

Shark Tank is an invigorating reality TV show that serves as a platform for aspiring entrepreneurs to present their innovative business ideas and products. The entrepreneurs face a panel of industry titans – the ‘Sharks’ – who are ready to invest their own

Watch This Fool from Australia on Hulu

This Fool, an American comedy-drama series created by Matt Ingebretson, Jake Weisman, and Pat Bishop premiered on Hulu on July 28, 2023. The series stars Chris Estrada as Julio Lopez, a 30-year-old living at home with his parents, trying to find his path.

Watch Boston Strangler from Australia on Hulu

Boston Strangler, a compelling biographical drama film released in 2023, takes a deep dive into the life and investigative prowess of Loretta McLaughlin, the trailblazing journalist who courageously linked together the heinous murders committed by the infamous Boston Strangler. The role of McLaughlin,

Watch The Wonder Years In Australia on Hulu

The Wonder Years is a popular coming-of-age television series that originally aired from 1988 to 1993. Set in the late 1960s and early 1970s, it follows the life of Kevin Arnold (played by Fred Savage) as he navigates the trials and tribulations of

Watch Fleishman Is in Trouble In Australia on Hulu

Fleishman Is in Trouble show is a riveting TV adaptation of Taffy Brodesser-Akner’s novel. It portrays Toby Fleishman, a soon-to-be-divorced doctor, struggling to balance single parenthood and a chaotic dating life after his wife Rachel mysteriously disappears. This series seamlessly blends humor and

Watch The Great Christmas Light Fight In Australia on Hulu

The Great Christmas Light Fight is an enchanting reality competition show originating from the United States. Premiered on ABC in 2013, the program illuminates the Christmas spirit by showcasing American families who go above and beyond to decorate their homes with remarkable holiday

Watch Koala Man In Australia on Hulu

Koala Man is an intriguing animated series that adds a unique twist to the superhero genre. Centered around a family man with a love for justice, he takes on the titular alter-ego of Koala Man, utilizing his self-assumed powers to combat petty crime

Watch The Good Doctor from Australia On Hulu

The Good Doctor premiered in 2017, introducing viewers to the captivating world of Shaun Murphy, a brilliant young surgeon with autism and savant syndrome. Created by David Shore, the series follows Shaun’s journey as he overcomes societal barriers and proves his worth at

Watch Will Trent In Australia on Hulu

Will Trent, a compelling figure crafted by acclaimed crime novelist Karin Slaughter, stands at the center of a thrilling crime series. As a Special Agent with the Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI), Trent’s character is imbued with a depth that is profoundly influenced