The Lego Movie Makes a Comeback for Rotten Tomatoes 25th Birthday Bash

Ready for a nostalgic ride? The Lego Movie is coming back to AMC theatres as part of the 25th-anniversary celebrations for Rotten Tomatoes. The iconic review site is ringing in its milestone year by re-releasing 25 cinematic gems, and this fan-loved 2014 flick

Conjuring Universe Back in Form as The Nun II Dominates Global Box Office Again

The Conjuring Universe is proving its resilience, making a robust comeback with The Nun II. The horror sequel has managed to secure the leading position in the U.S. box office for the second consecutive weekend, fending off stiff competition from Kenneth Branagh’s latest

Bottoms Edges Closer to Box Office Success, Approaching its Production Budget

Emma Seligman’s new teen comedy Bottoms is inching closer to its production budget of $11.3 million, generating quite the buzz among youthful audiences. After its fourth weekend in theatres, the movie’s domestic box office tally stands at a promising $9.87 million, despite a

The Conference Trailer Reveals a Company Retreat Turned Terrifyingly Awry

Horror comedies have found a new lease of life in recent years with hits like Happy Death Day and You’re Next. Now, Netflix aims to add another gem to this growing sub-genre with its upcoming Swedish flick, The Conference. Scheduled for a Friday

Dune 2 Visual Effects Team Faces Pay Cuts or Loan Options Amid Labor Protests

As Entertainment Editor, here’s a fresh take on the recent developments at DNEG, the visual effects giant behind blockbuster hits like the upcoming Dune 2 and Oppenheimer: In a controversial move that’s making waves in the industry, DNEG is putting its over 10,000

This Fall, The Hunger Games Makes a Theater Comeback Before the Release of Its Upcoming Prequel

Hold onto your bows and arrows, Hunger Games enthusiasts! The cinematic universe that launched Jennifer Lawrence to superstardom is making a grand return to the silver screen this October. First exploding into public consciousness back in 2008, The Hunger Games franchise became a

Producer of Bruce Lee Biopic Shares Estimated Duration – Considered as Limited Series at One Point

For a director and screenwriter, crafting a compelling biopic presents a formidable challenge. Striking the right balance between pivotal life events while avoiding an episodic feel can be daunting. In a recent interview at Collider’s TIFF media studio at the Cinema Center at

Dylan Sprouse and Virginia Gardner Unwind in the Debut Trailer for ‘Beautiful Wedding’.

While the Young Adult (YA) genre often feels saturated with forgettable films, one recent pleasant surprise was “Beautiful Disaster,” starring Dylan Sprouse (known for “After We Collided”) and Virginia Gardner (famous for “Halloween” and “Fall”). For fans eagerly anticipating Abby and Travis’ next

Andrea Scarduzio from ‘The Equalizer 3’ Shares the Scene That Left a Lasting Impression

In the third instalment of the Equalizer franchise, protagonist Robert McCall, played by Denzel Washington, returns in an unexpected way that sidelines the formidable action hero. Actor Andrea Scarduzio discusses filming a pivotal scene with Washington that explored his character’s backstory and motivations.

Watch Station 19 from Australia on Hulu

Station 19 is an electrifying American television drama series that takes viewers on a thrilling journey into the lives of brave firefighters working at a Seattle fire station. With a seamless blend of intense action, heartfelt moments, and complex character dynamics, the show

Watch The 1619 Project from Australia on Hulu

The 1619 Project, led by Nikole Hannah-Jones at The New York Times Magazine, is a powerful effort to rethink American history. It focuses on how slavery shaped the U.S., challenging the idea of American exceptionalism. Black writers and artists use stories, pictures, and

Watch History of the World: Part II In Australia on Hulu

History of the World: Part II is a fascinating television series that invites viewers on a thrilling journey through time. This sequel to Mel Brooks’s iconic film, History of the World: Part I, continues the comedic interpretation of global history, using humor and

Watch Shark Tank In Australia on Hulu

Shark Tank is an invigorating reality TV show that serves as a platform for aspiring entrepreneurs to present their innovative business ideas and products. The entrepreneurs face a panel of industry titans – the ‘Sharks’ – who are ready to invest their own

Watch Boston Strangler from Australia on Hulu

Boston Strangler, a compelling biographical drama film released in 2023, takes a deep dive into the life and investigative prowess of Loretta McLaughlin, the trailblazing journalist who courageously linked together the heinous murders committed by the infamous Boston Strangler. The role of McLaughlin,

Watch The Wonder Years In Australia on Hulu

The Wonder Years is a popular coming-of-age television series that originally aired from 1988 to 1993. Set in the late 1960s and early 1970s, it follows the life of Kevin Arnold (played by Fred Savage) as he navigates the trials and tribulations of